Vermantia signs agreement with Vera&John Casino

Some software developers were lucky enough as to open shop at the beginning of online gambling, so Vera-John-vinstgarantithey had no problem in making a name for themselves.

Vera&John Casino, this also means that many of them have no reason to change anything because things simply be unfolding into the expected direction.

This is not the case with newcomers, who go the extra mile in their attempt to please customers and brings something new in this competitive market.

Vermantia is a shining example of developer specialized in the creation of immersive and innovative games. They are trying to broaden their scope and since there is no better way to do it and by signing partnerships with industry leaders, they made such an agreement with Vera&John Casino.

It was a smart decision, because in this line of work, the online casino enjoys an outstanding reputation and can act as a springboard for their excellent games.


These new partnership is going to benefit both parties, as Vermantia will integrate its remote game server and simplify access to new titles. Since this is a win-win situation, the ones that will benefit our also the players, who will notice a fast and steep increase in the number of games.

At the end of the day this is one of the most important things, since you can’t be expected to play the same titles over and over again and stay entertained.

The idea behind this project is straightforward and it is already delivering the results that both parties were expected, with innovative games being marketed faster than ever before. Player engagement is better than expected and Vermantia has a portfolio of games including eight new titles, inspired by some of the most popular sports.

The best part is that matter how many account you got with online casinos, there is no chance to find these titles anywhere else.

Being unique and offering something different is important, but one needs to maintain the same quality standards to keep players satisfied. Vermantia does exactly that and even though it hasn’t been around for such a long time, it has a business model that should allow him to triumph.

To differentiate themselves from other software developers, they decided to craft games that also have the story, besides fancy graphics and immersive animations.

Instant games are preferred by the vast majority of gamblers, as they don’t require the downloading and installation of any third-party software or apps. You can play all the games in this format even if you’re using mobile devices, so convenience is insured and your gambling activity will be silky smooth.

Vermantia does more than creating casino games and it is also specialized in their delivery, management and aggregation so they provide the complete package. They already have an extensive portfolio games and since they are all developed in-house, players won’t feel like spinning the reels of identical slot machines over and over again.

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