Unibet Casino celebrates its 5th birthday

Many online casinos spend their short time in the spotlight and then slowly but surely logounifade away, while eventually sinking into near irrelevance.

Unibet Casino has learned this lesson the easy way, because the ones behind this online gambling operator had tremendous experience.

Even the best operators are in danger of suffering such a fate, because you can get ran over even if you are on the right track.

Only by making constant adjustments and updating your product, in a court to what the market expects, you can hope to be successful.

They’ve learned from the mistakes committed by fellow operators while paying attention to what members were asking for. By doing so every single day, they had no problem staying afloat and their business thrives.

Now that the casino celebrates its fifth birthday, it is happy to share the good news and also present all its members with cool bonuses and prizes.

What usually happens is that the one who celebrates once birthday is the happy recipient of gifts, but things work out very differently in this case. It is the online casino that will award prizes to its members and not the other way around. Add to this the fact that the gifts are quite generous and a total of €9000 in cash will be awarded to a handful of winners.

Free spins of all sorts and all of them easy to redeem are up for grabs, making it easier for players to make the transition from table games to slot machines.
The presents are still wrapped up and simply waiting for players to extend their arms and grab these lavish gifts.

A total of 150 players are going to receive a share of the guaranteed prize pool and they have quite an eclectic mix of gifts to collect. The promotion is not restricted to weekends, so if you want to play from Monday to Friday, you will also be in the race for these payouts.

Keeping all players happy is a tricky business, simply because beginners and veterans have different expectations and resources to meet them. New players are more interested in no deposit bonuses and that’s why Unibet Casino has a special package for them. At the same time, those who have had an account for quite a while, won’t shy away from a challenge and would be glad to compete in a lengthy tournament
In exchange for their commitment, they will receive larger bonuses, as a share of the guaranteed prize pool of €3000.

Only the first 50 players will collect a paycheck and the winner will walk away with a four digit amount, while all of them will also be eligible for Super Spins. This is a relatively new concept but one that has gained a lot of traction and for good reason. Unlike regular spins whose profits are subject to wagering requirements, the winnings generated by these ones can be cashed out immediately.

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