Triple loyalty points this weekend at 333Palace Casino

The prospect of converting €2 into a huge amount of €360,000 is obviously appealing and this is logo333333exactly the thing that happened to a lucky casino player.

He had an account with 333Palace and was a big fan of Draw Poker, so it is not exactly a surprise that he ended up winning a lot of money playing Royal Flush.

The casino didn’t disclose any sensitive information about the winner, but they still know that goes by the name of Gabriel actually lives in Oxfordshire.

Now that his story serving as a source of inspiration to his fellow players, the online casino is also ready to make another tempting proposition to all its members. This weekend alone, players will have the chance to win just as much money playing the same lucrative video poker game.


Meanwhile, they will be accumulating loyalty points three times faster than they do on a daily basis, thanks to the special promotion that has started on Friday.

Anyone who has an account with 333Palace Casino knows all too well that here these loyalty points go by the name of red rubies. It’s just another way of the casino rewarding loyal customers and the most important aspect is that players will earn three times more during this time of the year.

You can play progressive slot machines, video poker games that carry progressive jackpots and table games that fall into the same category and still are these bonus points.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that this promotion has limited availability and it will conclude on Sunday, January 24. It should make the most of these three consecutive days to earn triple red rubies because you will be able to change them into real cash.

Opt in for this promotion and start playing games on real currency and loyalty points will be coming your way.

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