Last chance to sink teeth in juicy 32Red Casino promo

32Red Casino never had a problem in meeting customers half way and their promotions were always tinkered with attention to clients in mind.

Instead of setting unreasonable goals that will only appeal to highrollers and those who have thousands of dollars to spend, they tried to keep the gear satisfied as well.

The most recent promotions running live in July serve as a silent reminder of the attention paid to this category of players and Hot as Hades is the best example.


This campaign is actually revolving around the slot machine that was recently introduced and which is inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

All the symbols populating the reels are drawing inspiration from the Gods that allegedly ruled Mount Olympus. It is a pleasure to spin the reels and discover the numerous combinations of God that can lead to payouts and free spins.

The god of the underworld is obviously the ones stealing the show here and players will be competing for a prize pool of €5000. This paycheck will be awarded to those who accumulate enough tickets and are lucky enough as to win the raffle scheduled for the first days of August.

The more tickets they are, the better the chances are to emerge victorious and that’s why it is recommended to double your efforts in the remaining days of July.


The conversion rate is straightforward and players will accumulate the tickets whenever they spin at least €40 on this qualifying slot machine. There are no restrictions for mobile users and if you own a smart phone or tablet that has an Internet connection, feel free to use it for wagering purposes.

Whatever profits you make in between you get to keep and there are no wagering requirements apply to them or the prizes collected as a result of participating in the raffle.

Assuming you are among those who actually emerge victorious in the first week of August, your name will be published on the website.

There is no need to worry about privacy because only the initials will be made available to fellow players and someone from customer support will get in touch with you.

There are plenty of prizes to collect in addition to cash and those who win them will receive the corresponding gift at home. Just make sure you log into your online account often enough as to stay up to date with the latest news.

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