Is online gambling safe anymore?

gamblingSafety of every person is paramount in every sphere of life be it in virtual business or in real world business. The current business situation has it that the government may put certain regulations to protect citizens against exploitation by the partners they are dealing with, however it is good for every person to be vigilant and on the lookout so as to be able to evade those many schemes that might make you lose your money as well as dignity in the business world. We have always tried our level best to evade questionable business dealings but it is obvious that we need more protection from the law enforcement agencies and even from our governments to be able to operate without fear in business world. This has always been there in real world but it seems to be absent in the online gambling world and this has let fear of getting conned creep into our minds making us even fear to place our bets online.

With the recent report from McAfee which is a cyber security company that online gamblers are exposed to the dangerous criminals that launder money, I guess most gamblers are now holding a very heated debate within their craniums whether to continue with online gambling or to quit it until some safety measures are established. The different governments have now got to find a way to aid in the situation, should they illegalize online gambling or should they set up a system that will monitor the activities of the online gambling casinos.

The internet has brought a very good platform for online gamblers to bet wherever they are without having to be in a brick and mortar casino and that has led to the boom in the business but now the rather good business is now infested with criminals who instead of using these sites for the purpose they are intended for, they use it as a platform to cash out their dirty money without leaving a trace.

Initial debates that targeted the safety of online gambling were mainly about gambling addictions. Most people thought that the only risk associated to online gambling was gambling addiction as it availed the mobile platform for the gamblers but currently the debates have taken a different turn with many governments reviewing their strategies on how to curb online gambling crimes.

McAfee is not the only body that has found out how criminals could take advantage of the online gambling sites to commit heinous activities without fear of being caught. FBI had also warned that the online gambling sites could also be used by government officials to steal from the public. According to the FBI the government does not tax money that gamblers win from the casinos and that has made it easier for the criminals to transfer cash through the platform to government officers for favors while it remains in the eye of the public that the government official just won a bet in a casino.

The McAfee report is an eye opener to the relevant authorities to beef up security so as to make the online gambling sites a safer bet for the gamblers.

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