Betfred casino gets you in the mood for Easter

Easter is one week from now and people are making the last preparations for the festive event, so why would online bingo players betfredbe any different.

There are plenty of tournaments scheduled for the upcoming days, but the highlight of the week will be 10 days from now.

Betfred casino will get you fully immersed into the Easter atmosphere by providing the winning opportunities that many players were anxiously waiting for the entire month of March.

There are golden eggs and Easter bunnies to discover and admire on the website, but the game players should focus on goes by the name of Easter Eggs. This is not the first time that the online bingo operator invites its customers to step outside the comfort zone and experience the thrills of a different genre. Slot machines have been around for quite a while and the ones introduced on their website are state-of-the-art, including the one mentioned above.

The free spins are the ones to look for and whenever scattered symbols line up in a winning sequence, players will receive the corresponding spins. Profit can also be increased several times by hitting different winning combinations and the mini games will provide the much-needed diversity. As players get amused and their bankroll rises to new highs, Betfred casino won’t let them forget that they game that they are all about is actually bingo.

The method chosen to refresh their memory is surprisingly straightforward, with players who compete in the Mega Jackpot room being eligible for a four digit amount.

The tournament takes place on Sunday at 5 PM and the combined guaranteed prize pool consists of €8000 split among the winners of two different events. Bingo Linx games are the ones to focus on next weekend, with the winner and the runner-up sharing the entire amount.

Those who happen to finish outside the podium and don’t receive one of the first two prizes, will still receive a consolation payout. Only those who miss one or two numbers on their tickets will collect these paychecks when the game ends.

Meanwhile, the Roll-On Bingo issuers the fact that the games continue even after players make a full house, therefore the remaining participants have additional chances to prevail.

Last but definitely not least, the Last Chance Saloon will award an additional €10 in the form of a free scratch card to all those who win nothing at the end of the tournament.

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